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Use heatmaps and recordings to improve UX, optimize performance, and boost conversions. Gain insights for design and content decisions.

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Track, Measure, Reach Your Goal Success

Start taking control of your future today and reach your full potential with WebTrackFlow.

Visual Progress Tracker

See your progress at a glance with our visual progress tracker, which helps you stay motivated and on track.

Data Insights

Our analytics software uses heatmaps and session replays to track website usage for businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve the user experience.

How It Works?

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Copy the WebTrackFlow Script from Track’s My Script Panel

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Paste the WebTrackFlow Script into your website header

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WebTrackFlow analyzes website visitors’ patterns and provides insights

Your Privacy
Our Priority

Your privacy is our top priority. We take the protection of your personal information seriously and ensure its security.

Seamlessly connect with your favorite tools

Understand your visitors

Improve website performance by analyzing visitor behavior and refining design, content, and functionality to meet their needs.

Analyze all their past sessions

including the flow of the visited pages and their actions

Identify your visitors

Integration to link your customers with the tracked sessions

Achieve Your Dreams With The Power Of WebTrackFlow

Transform your aspirations into reality with our Analytics platform. Achieve goals, track progress, stay motivated.

Mobile Optimized

Track your progress on-the-go with our website optimized for desktop and mobile.


Invite Team to join you in your goal-setting journey, and collaborate with them to reach your goals faster.


Track, Measure, Reach Your Goal Success

Start taking control of your future today and reach your full potential with WebTrackFlow

Good Looking Analytics

Get in-depth insights with efficient analytics.

Understand your users

Enhance user experience, respect privacy. Monitor visitor behavior easily.

Heatmaps tracking

Display website user behavior with an empty container.

Realtime visitor analytics

See Realtime data: online users, popular devices and top pages accessed.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay on top of your goals, with mobile-optimized tracking.


Invite Your Team to join you on your goal-setting journey.

Track Your Visitor With WebTrackFlow

With our goal tracking platform, you can stay organized and motivated on your journey towards success.
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Track Progress, Reach Your Goals

Enhance focus, conquer challenges, unlock potential.